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  • Dongguan Mingrui Ceramic Technology Co.,Ltd

  •  [Guangdong,China]
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  • Main Mark: Americas , Asia , East Europe , Europe , North Europe , West Europe , Worldwide
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  • Certs:ISO9001, CE, FDA, MSDS, RoHS, Test Report
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Dongguan Mingrui Ceramic Technology Co.,Ltd

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About Us

Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co LTD is a professional manufacturer of machined ceramic parts has 10 senior engineers and lots of technicians We produce strengthened structure zirconia ceramic rod ceramic tube ceramic shaft ceramic plate ceramic sleeve ceramic valve ceramic plunger and ceramic arm The products are applicable to instruments medical instruments clocks and electronic products mills energy and power autocar and military and some other high end areas We have estimated cooperative relationship with many domestic famous universities such as Tsinghua University which makes us have unique technical advantages in the development of new materials and new products In addition we...

Categories and Products

Ceramic Rod

Zirconia Ceramic Rod

Zirconia Center Rod for Heat Dissipating Copper Tube Fine Surface Finished Blue Zirconia Ceramic Rod Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Roller Wearproof High Precision Zirconia Ceramic Rod Porous Zrconia Ceramic Valve Core 1.5mm 1.8mm Diameter Zirconia Ceramic Rod High Precision Ultrafine Zirconia Ceramic Rod/Needle /Pin Customized Small Diameter Zirconia Ceramic Rod / Pin High Flexural Strength Zirconia Needle / Ceramic Rod Ultrafine Zirconia Ceramic Drilling Rod ZrO2 Bar 2mm Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Threaded Rods For Vape Australia OEM Zirconia Industrial Ceramic Hydraulic Plunger Heater Rod White Machinable High Hardness Zirconia Rod / Needle Toughened Zirconia Ceramic Electrical Insulators Rod Zirconia Ceramic Rod 1mm 2mm Ceramic Round Bar Blue High Precision Machining Zirconia Ceramic Rod Black Zirconia Ceramic Rod Industrial Chemical Stirring Rod White Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Rod Ceramic Round Bar 0.5mm Diameter Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Rod Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Rod / Ceramic Sticks Machining 

Alumina Ceramic Rod

Alumina Ceramic Sharpener Rod With Good Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Rod/Zirconia Ceramic Screw Machining 99% Purity Alumina Al2O3 Ceramic Thread Rod Alumina Ceramic Heat Shock Resistance Ceramic Bolts Nuts Thermal Conductive 99% Alumina Ceramic Solid Rods Heater Customized Heat Resistant Insulating 99% Alumina Ceramic Rod 99% Alumina High Polishing Ceramic Rod With Screw 97% Alumina Ceramic Threaded Screw Insulator Rod 

Ceramic Pin

High Precision Zirconia Ceramic Pin Gauge High Temperature Resistance Ceramic Welding Pin 0.5 mm Ceramic Needle for Textile Equipment Zirconia Ceramic Dowel Pin Guide Pin Welding Pins Custom Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Pin Gauge Pins Dowels Mirror Polished Zirconia Ceramic Rod / Guide Pin Zirconia Ceramic Welding Pin / Location Dowel Pin Customized High Precision Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic Rod Zirconia Ceramic Positioning Pin / Welding Dowel Pin Insulation Si3N4 Ceramic Welding Pin / Dowel Pin Al2O3 Pin Zirconia Si3N4 Insulation Welding Spot Pin Alumina Zirconia Si3N4 Ceramic Welding Location Pins Zirconia Al2o3 Si3N4 Spot Weld Ceramic Dowel Pin High Precision Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Pin Needle Blue Custom Ceramic Pins Zirconia Ceramic Centering Pin High Temperature Welding Pin Blue ZrO2 Ceramic Pins 0.67mm Diameter Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic Pin Gauge Insulation Si3N4 Ceramic Welding Dowel Pin Si3N4 Ceramic M8 Thread Welding Location Dowel Pin 

Ceramic Shaft

High Temperature Resistance Zrconia Ceramic Shaft Super High Hardness 99% Alumina Ceramic Shaft Good Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Rotor Zirconia Ceramic Rod Assembled with Stainless Steel Part Ceramic Rotary Shaft of Coffee Grinder 99% Alumina Ceramic Shaft with Groove Anti Abrasive Alumina Ceramic Shaft Zirconia Ceramic Roller Sleeve / Roller Shaft High Strength Zirconia Ceramic Shaft Rod Customized Zirconia Ceramic Roller Pulley / Ceramic Shaft Customized Threaded Precision Alumina Ceramic Shaft Rod Precision Zirconia Ceramic Bolts Nuts Threaded Rod High Thermal Conductive 99% Alumina Ceramic Shaft Rod High Precision Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Guide Roller Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Mechanical Shaft Pump Machining Y-PSZ ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic Shaft Rod Pin Finish Glazed 95% Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Shaft Rod Heat Resistant Zirconium Oxide Ceramic M6 Threaded Rod 

Ceramic Plunger

Medical Equipment Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Zirconia Ceramic Jet Plunger Pump Hydraulic Piston Rod High Polishing Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic Hydraulic Plunger Pump Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Rod / Piston Rod Eco-Friendly Ceramic Plunger Pump / Ceramic Liquid Dispenser Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Rod Wear Resistance Polished Ceramic Plunger Rod / Shaft with Metal Zirconia Ceramic Plunger for Water Jet Cutter Alumina Ceramic Piston Plunger for High Pressure Pump Ceramic Piston Rod / Shaft Rod With Metal Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Rod Pump Shaft 99% Alumina Ceramic Plunger Valve For Dosing Pump High Fracture Toughness Zirconia Ceramic Shaft / Plunger Industrial Alumina Ceramic Plunger For Valve Corrosion Resistant Industry Zirconia Ceramic Shaft Plunger Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plunger For Medical Water Filling 99.5% Alumina Ceramic Piston Liner Pump 

Ceramic Stick

Magnesium Stabilization Yellow Zirconia Stick Square 99% Alumina Ceramic Stick with Pink Color Zirconia and Silicon Nitride Ceramic Press Head Long Porous Zirconia Ceramic Stick 

Ceramic Piston

Zirconia Ceramic Plunger with Metal Head Heat Insulative Zirconia Ceramic Sensor Zirconia Ceramic Piston with On The Surface Zirconia Ceramic Piston with Customized Design High Temperature 99% Alumina Ceramic Piston Plunger Pumps Refractory Zirconia Ceramic Piston Sleeve / Insulator Valve CNC Machined Precision Hydraulic Zirconia Ceramic Piston High Pressure Zirconia Ceramic Hydraulic Pump Piston Coating 99% Alumina Ceramic Valve Sleeve / Ceramic Shaft High Pressure Alumina Ceramic Piston Pump With Oil High Strength Zirconia Ceramic Shaft Plunger Pump Zirconia Ceramic Lithium Battery Injection Plunger Pump Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Pump / Pump Shaft General Pump Alumina Ceramic Piston / Plunger Pump Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve Bushings Ceramic Cylinders 99% Alumina Ceramic Pump Shaft / Plunger Piston Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Hydraulic Gas Ceramic Piston High Pressure Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic Piston For Pump High Polishing Zirconia Oxide Ceramic Piston / Plunger 

Ceramic Tube

Zirconia Ceramic Tube

Zirconia Ceramic Sleeve with Mirror Polished Surface Small Diameter Zirconia Ceramic Washer Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Zro2 Bushing Customized Zirconia and Alumina Ceramic Tubes High Hardness Zirconia Ceramic Threaded Tube Porous Zirconia Ceramic Tube with Good Wear Resistance Wear Resistance Black Ceramic Tube Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Cylinder Precision Zirconia Ceramic Cylinder / Liner / Sleeve Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Insulation Liner / Tube Water Absorption Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Tubes Customized Alumina Ceramic Tube with Thin Wall Thickness High Fracture Toughness Zirconia Ceramic Tube Insulation Customized High Temperature Resistant Threaded Ceramic Tube Refractory Insulation Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Tube Large-diameter Ceramic Tube / Liner / Sleeve Insulator Polished Porous Zirconia Ceramic Tube with Good Roughness Porous Zirconia Ceramic Textile Tube Zro2 Textile Tubes High Precision Zirconium Zro2 Ceramic Threaded Tube High Roughness Zirconium Zro2 Ceramic Insulator Tube 

Alumina Ceramic Tube

Good Thermal Conductive 99% Alumina Ceramic Tube Half Round Alumina Protection Tube High Fracture Toughness Black Alumina Ceramic Tube Long Length And Thin Wall Alumina Ceramic Tube Alumina Ceramic Tube/Sleeve for Furnace Application Corrosion Resistance Ceramic Sleeves for Petroleum Industry Refractory Alumina Ceramic Washer Corrosion Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Bushing 99% Alumina Tube / High Temperature Corundum Tube 99% Alumina Ceramic Tubes For Mining Equipments Alumina Ceramic Valve Disc Al2O3 99% Valve Plate Refractory Industrial Insulation 99% Alumina Ceramic Tube 95% Alumina Ceramic Insulating Sleeve Insulator Bush Alumina Ceramic Insulator 99% Alumina Tube Ceramic Sleeve High Alumina al2o3 Ceramic Insulator Tube Customized Size High Temperature Insulation 99% Alumina Ceramic Tube Refactory Industrial 99% Insulation Alumina Ceramic Tube High Temperature Insulation Alumina Ceramic Tube /Pipe High Flexural Strength Alumina Square Ceramic Tube Good Insulation Performance Industrial Alumina Ceramic Tube 

Ceramic Ring

Zirconia Ceramic Ring

Precision Zirconia Ceramic Ring with Groove Fine Surface Wear Resistance Ceramic Washers Zirconia Ceramic Buckle for Bicycle Installation Kit Black Zirconia Wedding Ring / Wearable Device Ceramics Zirconia Seal Ring with Good Corrosion Resistance Yellow Zirconia Ceramic Bracelet with Jade Gross Ceramic Ring with Nickel Plating or Chromium Plating Zirconia Ceramic Dial with Super Fine Polishing Cigarette Lighter Cover of The Car Engine Black Zirconia Ceramic Ring / Silicon Nitride Ring Zirconia Ceramic Insulation Sealing Ring Shaft Sealing Ring Zirconia Ceramic Ring High Temperature Resistance O Rings Heat Resistant Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Bushing / Rings High Temperature Resistant Zirconia Ceramic Washer / Spacer Customized High Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Seal Ring Zirconia Ceramig Seal Rings Alumina Ceramic Insulator Ring Yttria Stabilized Zirconia / YSZ Ceramic Sleeve Tube Zirocnia Ceramic Friction Ring / Ceramic Rasching Ring Zirconia Ceramic Ring for Ink Cup Pad Printer High Temperature Silicon Carbide Cermaic Bushing / Ring 

Alumina Ceramic Ring

Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramic Positioning Ring High Purity Alumina Ceramic Ring For Semi-conductor Usage Insulation Heat Resistance Alumina Industrial Ceramic Ring High Temperature Porous Alumina Ceramic O Rings Zirconia Al2O3 Ceramic Seal Ring Ceramic Insulator Ring Industrial Alumina Zirconia Insulator Ceramic Seal Ring Higher Performance 99% Alumina Ceramic Rings For Insulation Industrial Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Mechanical Seal Ring Alumina Ceramic Insulation Ring / Wafer / Disk Zirconia Al2O3 Alumina Ceramic Insulator Rings TUV Approval Advanced High Precision 99% Aluminum Ceramic Ring 97% High Heat Resistant Alumina Ceramic Shaft Sleeve 0.4mm Thickness 99% Al2o3 Alumina Ceramic Ring High Hardness Zirconia Zirconium Zro2 Ceramic Insulator Ring High Precision Insulating Zirconia Ceramic Guide Bushing 

Ceramic Plate And Block

Ceramic Thin Thickness Plate

0.5mm Thickness Zirconia Ceramic Substrate Thin Thickness Ceramic Substrate With 0.1mm Diameter Holes Mobile Phone Zirconia Ceramic Cover Plate Porous Alumina Ceramic Patch Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramic Fixed Teeth Zirconia Ceramic Plate Assembled with Sus 304 97% Alumina Insulated Bending Wafer High Purity Alumina Insulating Ceramic Grid Plate 99% Alumina Ceramic Plate / Substrate / Sheet Industrial High Porous Alumina Plate / Substrate /Sheet Insulator Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plate/ Sheet / Substrate 99% Alumina Ceramic Plate/ Rectangular Insulating Board Customized 97% Alumina Machining Ceramic Suction Plate Refractory 99% Aluminum Oxide Alumina Ceramic Setter Plates High Temperature 99.5% Alumina Porous Ceramic Plate Alumina Ceramic Cylinder / Disk / Wafer Square Alumina Ceramic Substrate / Multi Holes Sheet High Thermal Conductivity Alumina Ceramic Plate / Substrate Alumina Ceramic Perforated Suction Plate Porous Plate Abrasion Resistance Alumina Ceramic Frame Pressing Plate 

Ceramic Block

Precise Zirconia Ceramic Gauge Block Blue Zirconia Ceramic Block for Wearable Devices Zirconia Ceramic Positioning Block with Screw Good Impact Resistance Alumina Ceramic Guide Block Black Zirconia Ceramic Block with Good Heat Insulation Wear Resistance Porous Zirconia Ceramic Block Zirconia and Alumina Ceramic Scaffold High Precision Alumina Ceramic Positioning Block Porous Zirconia Ceramic Block with Precision Screw Double Layer Ceramic Splint for Medical Equipment Zirconia Ceramic Brick with Screws High Precision Zirconia Porous Ceramic Guide Block High Pressure Zirconia Ceramic Track / Ceramic Block Industrial Ceramic Terminal-block Al2o3 Ceramic Block Electrical Insulating Zirconia Ceramic Guide Block With Hole Zirconia Machinable Ceramic Block / Insulation Ceramic Block Customized High Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Blocks Customized Heat Resistance Alumina Ceramic Position Block Machining Ceramic Parts Al2o3 Alumina Ceramic Terminal Block High Temperature Alumina Ceramic Thread Guide Block 

Ceramic Disc

Good Parallel 99% Alumina Ceramic Disc Zirconia Ceramic Turntable of The Intubation Machine Porous Zirconia and Alumina Ceramic Disc Customized Zirconia Ceramic Go / No Go Gauge Zirconia Ceramic Heat Insulative Disc Zirconia Ceramic Disc with Glaze Painting High Heat Resistant Zirconia Ceramic Spacer / Washer Zirconia Ceramic Electrical Insulation Washer / Spacer Corrosion Resistant Zro2 Ceramic Zirconia Washer / Disc High Alumina Spacer Zirconia Ceramic Insulation Washer Customized Alumina Ceramic Flange Plate / Ceramic Disc Insulating Ceramic Thread Round Plate / Ceramic Disc Insulation Ceramic Alumina Flange For Vacuum Environment High Heat Porous Ceramic Reducer Flange Disc Custom Large Size Alumina Porous Ceramic Disc Plate Industrial High Wear Resistance Alumina Ceramic Round Disk High Precision Machining Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Flange Large Diameter Alumina Ceramic Round Liner / Disc 

Ceramic Valve

Ceramic Dispensing Valve

Square Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valve Wear Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valve Zirconia Ceramic Musashi Dispensing Valve Zirconia Ceramic Square Dispensing Valve Small Diameter Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valve Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valve Precision Accessories High Heat Resistant Zirconia Ceramic Dispensing Valve 99% Alumina Ceramic Valve Core / Ceramic Shaft OEM Precision Ceramic Dispensing Valves for Fluid Dispensing 

Ceramic Injection Pump

Ceramic Liquid Injection Pump for Lithium Battery Ceramic Filling Pump in Pharmaceutical Industry High Pressure Ceramic Plunger Piston Pump / Shaft Pressure Zirconia Ceramic Polyurethane Fuel Injection Pump Ceramic Plunger Pump / Dosing Pump For Pharmaceutical High Precision Micro Volume Alumina Ceramic Metering Pump High Alumina Ceramic Piston Ceramic Dispensing Pump Zirconia Ceramic Fluid Dispensing Valve / Sleeve Piston Alumina Ceramic Chemical Dosing Pump / Ceramic Dispensers Alumina Ceramic Pump Shaft / Hydraulic Piston Pump Precision Zirconia Ceramic Pneumatic Hydraulic Piston Pump Liquid Metering and Dispensing Ceramic Cylinder Filling Pump Thermal Insulation Zirconia Ceramic Hydraulic Piston Pump Industrial Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Valve For Dosing Pump High Alumina Ceramic Plunger Piston Pump High Mechanical Strength Zirconia Ceramic Piston Plunger Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic Lithium Battery Injecting Pump High Pressure 99.5% Alumina Ceramic Piston Liner Pump Alumina Ceramic Pump Piston / Pump Cylinder Liner High Pressure Alumina Ceramic Piston Pump 

Ceramic Plunger Pump

Zirconia Ceramic Control Valve with Corrosion Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Cut-off Valve for Sewage Treat Pump Alumina Ceramic Plunger Piston / Ceramic Shaft Alumina Ceramic Hydraulic Plunger Pump For Food Filling Customized Industrial Alumina Ceramic Plunger / Piston Pump High Pressure Alumina Ceramic Piston Triplex Pump Electrical Insulation Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Pump Precision Ceramic Machining Alumina Zirconia Plunger Pump Precision Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Pump Dosing Metering Pump Zirconia Alumina Ceramic Plunger Pump Piston Cylinder Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Piston Sleeve Corrosion Resistance Precision Alumina Ceramic Metering Pump High Temperature Alumina Ceramic Piston Liner In Valve Acid-resistant Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Piston Filling Pump High-precision Alumina Micro-volume Ceramic Metering Pump Precision Ceramic Metering Pump Zro2 Ceramic Piston Pump Precision Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Valve Pump High Pressure Ceramic Piston Triplex Plungers Pump Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Dispense Metering Pumps 

Ceramic Nozzle

Ceramic Injector Nozzle

Zirconia Ceramic Sand Mill Nozzle T013 Black Zirconia Ceramic Sandblast Nozzle 99% Alumina Ceramic Welding Nozzle Welding Tip Alumina Ceramice Industrial Spray Nozzle for Welding Torch Industrial Alumina Ceramic Nozzle / Ceramic Suction Nozzle Al2O3 Refractory Ceramic Nozzle For Tig Welding High Aluminium Nitride Nozzle ALN Oil Spray Nozzles High Temperature Aluminum Al2o3 Nitride Ceramic Nozzle Industrial Refractory Alumina Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzle High Hardness Alumina Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzle Holder 

Ceramic Suction Nozzle

Zirconia Ceramic Nozzle for Medical Equipment High Alumina Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzle For Refractory Precision Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Blasting Nozzles White Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzles Alumina Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzle For Spraying Dispensing Zirconia Ceramic Spray Nozzles Precision Ceramic Machining High Purity Alumina Insulator Tig Welding Ceramic Nozzles Customized Alumina Industrial Ceramic Sandblasting Nozzle Corrosion Resistant Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Suction nozzle Fireproof 99% Aluminum Oxide Alumina Ceramic Suction Nozzle 

Machining Ceramic Part

Zirconia Ceramic Part

High Precision Ceramic Boat / Ceramic Slot Blue Zirconia Ceramic Foundation Bed Customized Zirconia Ceramic Cover with Blind Hole Precision Zirconia Ceramic Fittings for Lead Press High Strength Zirconia Ceramic Gear Zirconia Ceramic Switch for Petroleum Equipment Black Zirconia Ceramic Carving and Milling Cutter Zirconia Ceramic Insulated Flange Zirconia Ceramic Back Cover of POS Machine Zirconia Ceramic Structural Part Long Service Time Zirconia Ceramic Cutter / Blade Fine Inner Surface Finish Zirconia Ceramic Roller Zirconia Ceramic Crucible with Porous Cover Shampoo Production Equipment Ceramic Disc Spaceflight zirconia ceramic accessories Industrial 95%-99.7% Alumina Ceramic Flange Ring Customized Alumina Ceramic Flange With Ring For Insulating Zirconia Ceramic Standoffs And Spacers For Heat Shield Zirconia Ceramic Small Ceramic Crucible with Top Cover Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic Guide Roller For Textile Machine 

Alumina Ceramic Part

Alumina Ceramic Coffee Grinding Machine Grinding Core 99% Alumina Ceramic Cover with High Temperature Resistance Alumina Ceramic Parts for Space Equipment Bell Type Suspension Porcelain Insulator Alumina Ceramic Jig for Labware 99% Alumina Ceramic Sheet with Electric Insulation Alumina Ceramic Shred with Drilling Holes Electric Insulation Alumina Ceramic Holder Alumina Ceramic Faucet Accessories 99% Alumina Ceramic Boat Electric Insulative 99% Alumina Ceramic Terminal 95% Alumina Ceramics Semiconductor Wafer Disk Rounds High Temperature 99% Alumina Ceramic Insulator Bushing Industrial 99% Alumina Ceramic Wheel For Textile Machining Alumina Ceramic Electrical Insulator Piece / Bushing Precision High Temperature Alumina Ceramic Insulator Parts Good Corrosion Resistance Alumina Ceramic Cap Screw Small Alumina Ceramic Injection Insualtor Parts High-temperature Alumina Ceramic Plate Used Laboratory Customized Alumina Ceramic Block / Parts / Piece 

Semiconductor Industry Ceramics

Photovoltaic Equipment Ceramics

High Pprecision Fine Surface Zirconia Ceramic Teeth Zirconia Ceramic Plate for Sucking Silicon Wafer Alumina Ceramic Insulated Fixed Plate 99.5% Alumina Custom Ceramic Guide Plates For Solar High Strength Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic Photovoltaic Equipment Alumina Ceramic Suction Plate For Photovoltaic Equipment Custom Precision Zirconia Ceramic Component for Photovoltaic Precision Machinable Ceramic Plate for Solar Photovoltaic Zirconia Wafer Carrier For Photovoltaic Solar Equipment Zirconia Alumina Ceramic Parts For Solar Photovoltaic 

Ceramic Arm

Zirconia and Alumina Ceramic Arm Advanced Technical Ceramics Arm in Semiconductor Industry Alumina Zirconia Ceramic Handling Arms For Handling Wafer Alumina Ceramic Handling Arm For Semiconductor Industry High Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Manchining Arm Semiconductor Ceramics End Effector Handling Arm Wear Resistance Zirconia Zirconum Ceramic Handling Arm High Precision Semiconductor Machinable Al2o3 Ceramic Arm Advanced Ceramic Semiconductor Industry Ceramic Handling Arm Semiconductor Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic End Effector High Strength Semiconductor 99.5% Alumina Ceramic Arm 

Ceramic Sucker

Zirconia Ceramic Sucker with Good Air Tightness High Wear Resistant Zro2 Zirconia Ceramic Sucker High Hardness Zirconia Al2o3 Semiconductor Ceramic Sucker Customized Alumina Zirconia Vacuum Ceramic Sucker Alumina Ceramic Vacuum Chuck / Ceramic Sucker Alumina Zirconia Photovoltaic Vacuum Ceramic Sucker Alumina Zirconia High Hardness Ceramic Vacuum Plate 99% Al2o3 Alumina Ceramic Sucker / Vacuum Chuck Zirconia Solar Photovoltaic Ceramic Plate Sucker Plate Zirconia Zro2 Solar Photovoltaic Equipment Ceramic Sucker 

Ceramic Electronics Accessories

Electronic Cigarette Ceramic Part

Black Zirconia Ceramic Cigarette Holder Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Filter Cigarette Nozzle Black Zirconia Ceramic Electronic Cigarette Suction Nozzle Good Polishing Black Zirconia Ceramic E-cigarette Holder High End Polished Zirconia Ceramic Tobacco Smoking Pipe Injection Molding White Zirconia Ceramic Cigarette Holder High Polished White Zirconia Zro2 Ceramic E-cigarette Parts ZrO2 Zirconia Ceramic Injection Molding For E-cigarette Alumina Zirconia Insulated Ceramic Cigarette Holder High Heat Resistant Alumina Zro2 E-cigarette Ceramic Base 

Wearable Device Ceramics

Wearable Device Application Zirconia Ceramic Pendant Polished Black White Wearable Zirconia Ceramic Rings White / Black Jewelry Zirconia Ceramic Watch Rings Zirconia Ceramic Ring White Smart Wearable Ring Parts Customized Black Zirconia Ceramic Wearable Samrt Ring Custom Black 2mm Zirconia Ceramic Wearable Ring Fashionable White Black Zirconia Ceramic Smart Ring Zirconia Watch Bezel Ring Ceramic Watch Insert Parts Fashion Ceramic Jewelry White Smart Wearable Ring Parts Black Ceramic Seal Ring / Ceramic Watch Bezel 

Petroleum Industry Ceramics

Ceramic Control Valve

Zirconia Water Faucet for Petroleum Industry Magnesium Stabilized Zirconia Ceramic Nozzle Wear Resistance Ceramic Valve with Screws Corrosion Resistance Zirconia Ceramic Valve Kit Zirconia Ceramic Valve Assembled with Stainless Steel Kit Zirconia Ceramic Automobile Valves Ceramic Car Engine Valve Customized Refractory Zirconia Ceramic Disc Filling Valve Yellow 99% Alumina Rotary Porous Piston Ceramic Valve Porous Alumina Dispersing Gas Filling Valve Piston Valves Zirconia Ceramic Rotary Valve Ceramic Sealing Valve High Alumina Ceramic Liquid Dispersing Filling Valve 

Machinable Ceramic Part

Zirconia Ceramic Butterfly Valve for Petroleum Industry Zirconia Ceramic Filtering Crucible Refractory Crucibles Zirconia Ceramic Lined Composite Steel For Pump Liners 40mm Zirconia Ceramic Ball / Ceramic Grinding Ball Wear Reisistant Zirconia Ceramic Material Cylinder Liner High Temperature Zirconia Ceramic Piston Cylinder Sleeve Al2O3 Alumina Ceramic Electric Insulator Parts With Holes Zirconia Alumina Ceramic Machining Injection Molding Part Small Size Machining Zirconia Ceramic Piece / Parts Wear Resistant Precision Zirconia Ceramic Machining Piece Precision Industrial Aluminum Al2o3 Ceramic Insulator Parts 

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